bottles 800 I love attending food fairs because they give me the opportunity to find new gourmet treats and most importantly, the opportunity to actually taste the tempting variety of offerings.  I am lucky to always find something unique that I would never probably notice when doing my weekly shop.

At a recent food fair held at Sydney’s Convention and Exhibition Centre, there were so many stalls displaying a variety of tempting products.  I did not want to miss anything, so after methodically walking up and down the isles, I came across some sensational gourmet condiments and jams that I will definitely use to pep up my meals.

I was attracted to The Regimental Condiment Company’s display because of the eye-catching labels on their various sized bottles.  Their product ranges had historic military names such as Friends of the Regiment Sauces, Officers’ Mess Jams and Jellies, The Regimental Chutneys & Relishes and The Aviators Mustards & Horseradish.  I was told that this award winning Australian food company produces a range of gourmet food products emanating from the glory days of the Officers’ Mess.

The company started in 2010 with a collection of old family recipe books, a passion for cooking and a love of military history.  Their recipes had been handed down through the generations.  Where possible, the products are all natural and contain no artificial colours or preservatives and nearly all of them are manufactured in Australia at their kitchen in Daylesford, Victoria to traditional and family recipes.

jars 400I have tried several of their products including Captain Gorman’s Worcestershire Sauce, The Punjab Battery Indian Chutney and Officers’ Mess Raspberry & Blackberry Conserve, all of which enhanced the enjoyment of my food.

At the same fair I came across another great Australian company based in Tasmania, producing savoury marmalades and chutneys.  The Tasmanian Gourmet Kitchen, started four years ago, supports local growers and uses fresh produce.  Bill’s Spiced Pear Chutney, Spicy Tomato & Apple Chutney, Red Pepper Marmalade and Beetroot Marmalade are superb.

Sandra Tiltman  Photos:  John Pond



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