Charles Blackman - Two Figures

Charles Blackman – Two Figures

Had the pleasure of attending Menzies Fine Art Gallery located at 12 Todman Avenue, Kensington on Thursday evening for a preview of their latest artworks to be auctioned at their premises on 6 December.

Between the champagne and savouries we managed to admire all the paintings and other mixed media that will be on offer.  The relaxed surroundings made it a joy, as always, to linger and enjoy the atmosphere.

Our convivial host, Rodney Menzies, was busy greeting guests and answering their many questions. There has never been a better time to purchase high end artworks, thanks to the global recession.

John Brack - The Scissors Shop

John Brack – The Scissors Shop

I believe art should be purchased for the love of the piece, but there is no doubt that much of the high end art can prove to be an excellent medium to long term investment.

Many famous Australian and international artists’ works were on display, with Lloyd Rees, Charles Blackman, John Brack, Andy Warhol and Garry Shead to mention a few.

Pictured are some of the auction items.  Sandra Tiltman




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