Sandra T. Enjoying Business Class Lounge Photo: John Pond

Flying to San Francisco recently from Sydney, we decided to try United Airlines Business Class due to their lie flat beds. After completing check-in procedures, clearing customs and security, we were looking forward to visiting the Business Class lounge prior to boarding the flight.  United Airlines does not have its own lounge at Sydney Airport for Business and First Class passengers, but shares the lounge facilities of its Star Alliance partner, Air New Zealand.  We relaxed in the lounge, where we enjoyed a glass of wine with a light snack and some cake and coffee before starting our journey.

When the flight was called for boarding, it was just a short walk from the lounge to the boarding gate.  After a warm welcome on boarding the plane, we went straight up the stairs to the Upper Deck of the Business Class section.  Although there is a section of Business Class on the plane’s main level, we find the Upper Deck section is much quieter and more secluded.   There is a lot of leg room and at the press of a button, located in the arm rest, the comfortable seat can both recline or turn into a lie flat bed.

After a very good sleep on the lie flat bed, we were served breakfast about two hours before landing.  Our on time arrival in San Francisco was around 11 a.m.  Once off the plane, we were surprised by the very long queues at immigration, where after presenting documentation, each person was electronically finger printed on both hands before exiting to the baggage carousel and customs.  Outside the terminal, there were plenty of taxis lined up.  The ride to the downtown area, approximately 25 minutes away, cost around $45.   Sandra T.

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