If you are lucky enough to be cruising aboard one of the twelve modern ships in MSC Cruises’ fleet at the end of July, no need to worry about missing any of the news or results from the London Olympics.  From 27 July to 12 August, passengers will be able to watch live coverage of the Summer Olympic Games, whilst on board.

More than 2000 hours of the Games will be broadcast via satellite into all of the ships’ public areas as well as into cabins.

Sports loving passengers can combine their holiday with watching coverage of 29 sports as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.  Passengers will be able to place bets on the Games, the Finals and on the number of medals each nation will take home.

Entertainment on board all twelve MSC ships during this time, will be Olympic themed.  On every cruise there will be a colourful parade celebrating different nationalities, plus the anthems of countries will be sung around the pool in a fun filled ceremony.  Sports buffs will be able to show off their knowledge and impress their fellow passengers at the special quizzes on the history of the Olympic Games.

MSC’s chefs have taken inspiration from the Games and will be serving cakes decorated with the famous symbol of interlocked rings.

Sounds like lots of fun, shame it only happens every four years. Sandra T.






  1. PAUL OLBOURNE says:

    about time that they look after the passengers who are interested with the games i remember i was on a cruise during the world cup australia was playing no coverage it was a American ship showing baseball only

  2. Colleen says:

    This is excellent news! The Games can help foster a sense of friendly competition between new friends.

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