Sandra T. with Sherilyn Robinson, GM Sales & Marketing, Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaii is home to some great beaches, surfing and sun, that’s why so many Aussies love going there for holidays.  Not as well known, is that Hawaii has some great chefs who are putting Hawaii on the foodie radar.

Thanks to Hawaii Tourism Oceania, Hawaiian Airlines and The Grace Hotel, Sydneysiders will be able to enjoy a taste of Hawaiian cuisine from 15 to 30 June 2012, when The Grace Hotel presents the Flavours of Hawaii Food Festival.  The Grace has brought two talented Hawaiian chefs to Sydney for the event.

I was at The Grace Hotel last night for the opening celebrations of the Festival where everyone got into the Hawaiian mood.  On arrival, with the sounds of a ukulele playing in the background, we were bedecked with leis as we went past the surfboards, sand and enormous floral shirt decorations.  I tried nearly every one of the Hawaiian flavoured dishes on the buffet, even the desserts.  I could not resist as they all looked so tempting and none of them disappointed.

Hawaiian cuisine is an interesting fusion of many cultures and ethnic groups that make up the population of Hawaii today, such as Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Polynesian, American and European.

Hawaii Tourism Oceania along with Hawaiian Airlines and The Grace Hotel are running a competition for diners with a grand prize of a trip for two to Hawaii and a second prize of a weekend at the Grace Hotel.

Eating Hawaiian food in Hawaii is the only thing better than eating Hawaiian food in Sydney.  After last night’s taste of Hawaii, I am now making plans for a holiday in this tropical paradise.  Sandra T.  

Photos:  John Pond

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