I put on my cowboy hat last night to attend a media event to meet members of a delegation from the State of Texas, DFW International Airport and the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau.  They were in Sydney to celebrate the first anniversary of direct flights to Dallas/Fort Worth and the new daily service.

The margaritas we received on arrival were just the thing to get us in the mood to start thinking of this South-Western region of the United States.  Pity there was no Tex-Mex food to accompany the margaritas, or even a cowboy.

It was great to hear their Texan drawl as they told us about all the exciting attractions on offer in the Lone Star State.

I last visited Dallas many years ago and was keen to reignite my memories of this city.  From the elegant shopping malls offering designer brands to traditional western style clothing, but what else would you expect from the city where the famous Neiman-Marcus store originated, to a large cultural scene in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, with art galleries and museums to the world famous Fort Worth Opera, symphony orchestra and ballet, there is so much to see and do.

If you feel the need to put on those cowboy boots and get into some two stepping and line dancing, visit the famous Billy Bob’s in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, the world’s largest honky tonk, featuring mainly country music acts and musicians.

There are plenty of reasons to head down south to Texas for a visit next time you go to the USA.  Most Australians enter the USA by the west coast gateways of San Francisco and Los Angeles, so after you have explored these cities and are looking for new experiences, why not think of Texas.  Sandra T.           PHOTO: John Pond ©  

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