DON’T FORGET VALENTINE’S DAY   I was beginning to think there was not enough romance in my life when advertisements on TV and newspapers kept reminding me Valentine’s Day would soon be here.   Everything from flowers and chocolates to lingerie is being offered to spice up my life on the 14th February.

I think I will stick to the more traditional offers from hotels and restaurants who are turning their dining rooms into shrines to romance with champagne, roses and special multi-course menus to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

As I have grown older, romance seems to have been put on the backburner, what with so many other day to day things to worry about.  I have decided it’s about time I stopped taking my husband for granted and do something special for him.  I’m going to surprise him with a romantic dinner in the restaurant at Sydney’s elegant Radisson Blu Hotel in O’Connell Street.

This hotel is a longtime favourite of mine so I did not have to think twice about making a booking for dinner.  For those romantics who want to extend the evening’s celebrations, the hotel is offering some special accommodation packages.  Sandra T.

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