“Why didn’t I ever go cruising before?”

After constantly telling my neighbour about the many wonderful times I have enjoyed on cruise ships over the years, she decided to book a ten day cruise aboard the P&O Pacific Jewel, sailing to Noumea and Vila.  I had told her no-one’s life was complete without experiencing the joys of cruising. On her return, I saw by her happy smile that she had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and could not wait to book another voyage.

With one cruise already under her belt, she had the confidence to go for a longer cruise and visit places she had never been to before. Yesterday my husband and I drove her to Sydney’s Barangaroo temporary cruise terminal, where the Sea Princess loomed large as we approached.  Her excitement of what the next two weeks were to bring was electric.

As a senior, my neighbour is proof that age is no barrier to experiencing something new.  Her words  “Why didn’t I ever go cruising before?” did not need an answer.  I can’t wait to hear her stories when she returns. Sandra T.         PHOTOS: John Pond

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