One of the quaintest villages on the Danube River is Austria’s Durnstein, located in the Wachau Valley and surrounded by vineyards.  Too small to be called a town, it is just such a delight.  On a recent river cruise aboard UniWorld’s River Beatrice, we pulled up right alongside this picturesque place.

We had several hours to explore this charming village and wander the cobblestoned streets, admiring the houses and browsing the shops, one even offered schnapps tastings.

One of the most magnificent views of the Danube is from the terrace of Durnstein’s landmark Hotel Schloss.

Durnstein is also famous for it’s castle, now in ruins, where the Duke of Austria held England’s Richard the Lionheart for ransom when he was on his way to the Crusades.  Those more active can hike up to the ruins, where I am told, the views are worth the effort.

Sandra T.  PHOTOS: John Pond.

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