SINGAPORE’S MANDARIN ORIENTAL HOTEL CLUB FLOOR ROOMS, by Sandra T.  Photos John Pond.  Arriving at the entrance of any luxury 5 star hotel always makes my heart beat a bit faster, but on a recent visit to Singapore, I must admit my heart started to race on entering the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  The outside appearance of this hotel gave no hint as to the sophisticated stylish surroundings to be found within the confines of the Club Floor facilities.  Whenever I see a hotel offering Club Floor Rooms, I always book that option.  I have found from experience that the benefits and extras offered to guests booking these rooms far outweigh the extra tariff.

Registration at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel was a breeze.  On entering the lobby we were shown straight to our room, where all the check in formalities were taken care of, while we were offered a cup of hot green tea.  The entire process taking only minutes.  We then enjoyed relaxing in our elegant room that overlooked Marina Bay.  The floor to ceiling wall of glass gave us uninterrupted views.  It was not until evening, when all the adjacent tall buildings were aglow, that the full impact of the view came to the fore.

A major benefit of staying in a Club Floor Room is access to the Club Lounge.  These lounges are a haven, where guests are offered complimentary breakfast plus evening cocktails and canapes.  During the day refreshments are available, as well as availability of  meeting rooms.  The only disadvantage to being on Club Floors is that the lounges are so comfortable and offer so many goodies that one does not want to leave the hotel. Located at Marina Bay, the hotel is close to many attractions and shopping precincts, yet away from the hustle and bustle.

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