Whenever I go on a cruise, the last thing I ever think about is that I may have to evacuate in the life boats, but after what has happened to Costa Concordia, I will certainly pay more attention to the safety drill and also make sure I know the quickest route to my muster station

As Costa Concordia is only six years old and fitted with all the latest in navigational aids, it is very hard to comprehend how such a disaster could happen.  Any obstacles such as reefs would surely show up on their equipment.

Every ship I have ever been on has held their safety drill an hour or so before leaving the port.  It is mandatory for every passenger to attend. Demonstrations of the correct way to wear the life jacket are given and assistance is offered to any individual who is unsure of what to do.  Often on these occasions I have observed that some passengers are only interested in blowing the whistle that is attached to the life jacket, perhaps they will now take this drill a bit more seriously.

If everyone on board, passengers and crew alike, are clear on what they are to do in case of any emergencies, this will ensure there is no panic or hysteria and ultimately lead to an orderly evacuation and hopefully no loss of life.  Crew members should be easily identifiable and take charge of any situation.

I hope we will not see people in the near future cancelling their cruise holidays after viewing news broadcasts of this event.  Sandra T.

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