On a recent visit to Singapore I found I had a spare couple of hours between appointments, so instead of heading to the fantastic Orchard Road shopping district, I decided to try one of their new attractions.

Located in Raffles Avenue at Marina Bay and billed as the world’s largest giant observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer is certainly an awesome sight.

After purchasing a ticket I stepped on board into one of the 28 air conditioned compartments. I did not feel scared at all although I was a bit nervous.  As the wheel turned and gained height, it was quite breathtaking viewing the local landmarks from such a vantage point.

The ride only took about thirty minutes so it is easy to fit a visit into a tight schedule.  As the Flyer operates until 10.30 p.m. I will make sure on my next visit to Singapore that I take another ride in the evening so that I can see all the city lights.

The day before my ride a couple had actually got married in one of the compartments, complete with flower arrangements and catering.

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